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Apple proposes subscription service for transmitting TV shows via iTunes


Going by a Monday report in The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog, Apple has proposed a new Apple TV service that would facilitate the transmission of TV programs through the iTunes software and store across an array of hardware.

Flurry report: iPhone gaining popularity as multi-function reading device!

Flurry report:

A Monday research report forwarded by the mobile applications analytics company Flurry said that even though Apple does not have its own dedicated e-reader, the iPhone more than compensates for it - as the iPhone's e-reading and e-book applications are reportedly witnessing unprecedented popularity!

Sony PlayTV to be launched in Australia on November 26


Come November 26 and Sony will launch its PlayTV peripheral - a dual-HD tuner Personal Video Recorder that adds to the PlayStation 3 - in Australia, after having already made it available in other overseas market.

Sony Ericsson's Android-based Xperia X3 to release November 3!

Sony Ericsson

A detailed YouTube video sneak peak of one of the Sony Ericsson's forthcoming smartphones has probably let the cat out of the bag for the company, uncovering its under-the-wraps-thus-far device - Xperia X3!

O2 Germany leaks GSM Motorola Droid – ‘Milestone’!

According to the information put forth by a Germany blog, as well as a Boy Genius Report, the Android 2.0-based Motorola Droid will possibly land on the O2 carrier in Germany!

Fallout 3 Named Top Game at the Annual Golden Joystick Awards

Fallout  3

The 27th Annual Golden Joystick Awards, held in London on Friday, named Fallout 3 the year's best game, amidst a crowd of celebrities, fans and game developers who had gathered to support and cheer one of the fastest growing entertainment industries of the current times.

Nokia to shutter its N-Gage gaming platform in 2010-end

N-Gage gaming platform

Despite its incessant efforts over the years to bring to its 2003-introduced N-Gage gaming platform the desired success, Nokia finally announced on Friday that it intends shuttering the device as well as the N-Gage store down in 2010-end.

The Apple-Palm iTunes sync scuffle: Apple updates iTunes yet again!

Apple, Palm

The Palm Pre's litigious syncing with the Apple iTunes has become more than a bone of contention between the two companies! For apparently the third time, Apple has again blocked Pre's direct sync via its Media Sync feature!

Apple's Wi-Fi-less iPhone hits China’s mobile market

Friday saw the formal launch of the Apple iPhone in the world's biggest mobile phone market - China. Priced on a somewhat higher side, the Wi-Fi-less China-specific iPhone, on the China Unicom carrier, will be available at a starting cost of 4,999 yuan, or $730 for the 8GB model.

World's First USB 3.0 Motherboard Unveiled by Asus

World's First USB 3.0 Motherboard Unveiled by Asus

Announcing an exciting development in the Computer Hardware, Taiwanese manufacturer Asustek has introduced the world's first ever mother board for computers which will incorporate two USB 3.0 ports. All set to be introduced in a whole range of products, the USB 3.0, formally SuperSpeed, infused gadgets will be available in markets starting this year throughout 2010.

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