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Verizon’s Motorola Droid may not entice existing iPhone users

Verizon’s Motorola Droid may not entice existing iPhone users

Going by the reaction of some experts, despite the fact that the newly-released Motorola Droid boasts a number of enticing features, users of the popular Apple iPhone may actually decide to stick to their existing smartphone, rather than go in for the latest Verizon offering!

Tandberg Advisers Demands Cisco to Raise Bid


Advisers to Tandberg ASA, a video conferencing firm in Norway, have voiced their demand that Cisco Systems, which is currently one of the suitors looking to acquire the company, should raise its bid to $3 Billion. The demand has come just before the bidding deadline of Monday.

$296 Million Paid by Boston Scientific to Settle Investigation

In order to settle an investigation by the US Justice Department, the Boston Scientific Group has paid as much as $296 Million. The probe had been into the company's Guidant unit's handling of heart devices, and the settlement has, as reported by the company, led to losses in its third quarter.

Skype's Legal Battle to end soon

Skype's Legal Battle to end soon

Post the end of the long standing legal war, eBay's way for the sale of the majority Skype shares has been cleared.

Google home page commemorates 40th anniversary of Sesame Street; features Motorola Droid link

Motorola Droid

In what can be termed as Google's latest promotional pitch on Friday, November 6, the Internet search giant's home page featured a link to push the new Android-based Motorola Droid smartphone that just hit the Verizon Wireless stores.

IPCybercrime investigators pin down Modern Warfare 2 pirate


Plugging "one of the biggest leaks" in software piracy this year, online investigation firm IPCybercrime has been able to pin down an eighteen-year-old person named Christian Del Amo, for allegedly attempting to sell pirated copies of Activision Blizzard's forthcoming game, Modern Warfare 2, which is scheduled for an official release on November 10.

Report: Apple to launch “worldmode” hybrid iPhone for all carriers in Q3 2010


According to an AppleInsider-reported analyst research note from OTR Global, Apple's currently-under-development UTMS/CDMA hybrid iPhone will enable the company to sell one single "worldmode" iPhone handset to all carriers, particularly to Verizon Wireless in the US, in the third quarter next year.

Special Search Engine for E-Commerce Sites Unveiled by Google

Special Search Engine for E-Commerce Sites Unveiled by Google

King of the search engine market, Google Inc., today unveiled a search engine, called Google Commerce Search, the services of which have been specifically designed for e-commerce websites. The company's launch has come just in time for the holiday season, and is aimed at making online shopping easier for users.

EU countries strengthen Internet access protections

Internet users

A Thursday night compromise between the governments of the European countries and consumer organizations resulted in the agreement of the European lawmakers on new protections for Internet users.

Verizon confirms Droid tethering option at $30 additional monthly charge


Verizon, which offers its 'tethering' service - Mobile Broadband Connect - for a number of its data-capable 3G smartphones, has confirmed that the capability is also a part of its forthcoming Motorola Droid; thereby implying that the Droid will carry the option connecting to a laptop.

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