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RIM announces its new 3G BlackBerry Bold smartphone - Bold 9700

Research in Motion's (RIM)

For Research in Motion (RIM)'s BlackBerry diehards, who found the BlackBerry Bold 9000 a trifle too big, RIM has announced its newest high-speed Bold 9700 smartphone, which will be available from AT&T as well as T-Mobile in the coming weeks.

Google, Microsoft announce their respective Twitter deals

Google, Microsoft announce their respective Twitter deals

That the Google-Microsoft search market rivalry is intensifying is evident from the recent back-to-back announcements pertaining to deals that the two companies have signed with the popular, three-year-old microblogging site Twitter, whereby the real-time status updates and feeds will be integrated into Google search and Microsoft Bing.

ARM announces its powerful, energy-efficient Cortex A-5 microprocessor

ARM TechCon3

At its annual ARM TechCon3 conference in Santa Clara, California, on Wednesday, Arm Holdings PLC announced a low-cost, powerful and energy-efficient microprocessor - Cortex-A5 - for smartphones and other fast-performance-centric devices. The microprocessor will likely be released to the over 600 manufacturing partners of ARM in December.

IBM-Canonical team up to launch IBM Client for Smart Work package in US


In what can be termed as IBM's direct attack at the Microsoft operating system, more so as Windows 7 is just round the corner, the IBM Client for Smart Work package will soon see a US launch by the company, in partnership with Canonical, the business entity behind Ubuntu Linux.

Microsoft offers the affected Sidekick users a data recovery tool

Microsoft, T-Mobile

In an attempt to clean up the massive Sidekick gaffe and regain some credibility with customers, Microsoft has started offering a data recovery tool to the affected T-Mobile Sidekick users, who lost their personal data due to Microsoft subsidiary Danger's server malfunction.

AT&T urges its employees to “join the voices” against net neutrality


In a memo sent out to AT&T's US-based store managers on Sunday, the company's leading lobbyist Jim Cicconi urged them to voice their concerns about the net neutrality regulations, and also persuade their families and acquaintances "to join the voices telling the FCC not to regulate the Internet."

Yahoo profit triples but revenue slips in 3Q


Yahoo Inc. has reported a more than three-fold increase in profits for the July to September period as compared with the same period last year.

Yahoo Inc. said profits surged owing to cost-cutting measures such as laying-off workers and eliminating unpopular internet services.

Spring Design introduces the ‘Alex’ - its Android-powered, dual screen e-book reader


The growing e-book reader market will have yet another addition - the new dual-screen e-book reader from Spring Design! While one screen will facilitate the process of reading e-books, the other will feature an Android-powered cellular device!

PS3 tops game consoles’ September sales chart; ‘Halo 3: ODST’ top-selling game


According to the September video game sales data released by the NPD research firm, Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) gaming console managed to outsell the Nintendo Wii by nearly 30,000 units, chiefly due to a PS3 price reduction and the introduction of the PS3 Slim.

WSJ: B&N to unveil its e-reader ‘Nook’ in Manhattan on Tuesday

Barnes & Noble

Going by a Monday report in the Wall Street Journal, Barnes & Noble (B&N) will Tuesday introduce its new electronic reader which will be a prospective competitor of market-leading e-book readers - the Amazon Kindle and the Sony Reader.

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