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Apple’s Safari 4.0.4 update addresses “performance, stability, and security” issues


In an attempt to address certain “performance, stability, and security” issues of its Safari Web browser, Apple Wednesday released an update, ‘Safari 4.0.4,’ with six separate security patches for which the users will need to restart their Macs.

Google reduces extra-storage cost of photo-sharing site Picasa


With the recently-announced slash in the extra-storage price of its photo-sharing site Picasa Web Albums, Google now offers cheaper extra cloud storage, over and above the 1GB free photo and video storage space.

The reduced over-the-free-limit storage cost now ranges from an annual $5 for 20GB to $4,096 per year for a whopping 16TB (terabytes).

Microsoft discontinues service to nearly 1 million Xbox Live users


As a result of a recent decision taken by Microsoft, the services of as many as one million players of Xbox Live will be discontinued because they have either played pirated games downloaded from file-sharing sites or have modified their Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

Microsoft Bing ties up with computational search engine Wolfram Alpha

Microsoft, Wolfram

Marking one of the most noteworthy additions that Microsoft has been continually adding to its May-launched Bing search engine, the company has recently announced its tie-up with the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha.

Samsung introduces its feature-phone OS – ‘Bada’


In a move that marks mobile-phone bigwig Samsung’s differentiating edge over its competitors, the company Tuesday introduced ‘Bada’, which will be its “new open platform” that will power its feature phones and smartphones.

Microsoft’s ‘critical’ bulletin patches drive-by flaw


In its Tuesday-released November patch update comprising six bulletins, Microsoft has addressed 15 vulnerabilities in Windows, Windows Server, and Office, including a serious flaw that makes allowances for drive-by-download attacks.

Net Applications data shows notable ascend of Microsoft’s new Windows 7 OS


Going by the recent data forwarded by statistics company Net Applications, the adoption of Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system is on the rise - with the OS accounting for nearly 4 percent of all PC-access to the Web during the past weekend.

Amazon releases Kindle for PC application


Endeavoring to attract new customers to its e-reader Kindle, as well as to retain its current users by expanding the portability of its e-books, Amazon Tuesday launched its highly usable Kindle for PC application.

Verizon’s Motorola Droid “doing fine”; 100,000 units sold over opening weekend

Verizon’s Motorola Droid

Notwithstanding the initial reports of a less-than-overwhelming Droid reception, the opening weekend sales of the Motorola Droid were notably substantial - with the Verizon Wireless stores having sold approximately 100,000 Droids, and some stores almost having sold out of the newly-released smartphone!

Google announces free WiFi access at 47 airports till January 15


On the lines of the recently-announced WiFi offerings by Microsoft and Yahoo, Internet search giant Google said on Tuesday that, covering the holiday season till January 15, it will provide free WiFi access at as many as 47 airports.

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