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AT&T files a lawsuit against Verizon over its recent TV ads

AT&T files a lawsuit against Verizon over its recent TV ads

AT&T, which is locked in a scuffle of sorts over smartphone devices and customers with rival carrier Verizon, has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, alleging that Verizon’s latest TV ads wrongly indicate that AT&T has gaps in wireless coverage. 

Sprint Launches Netbook, Expands Coverage of WiMax

Sprint Launches Netbook, Expands Coverage of WiMax

In an announcement which sent excitement all around, Sprint-Nextel Corp., has confirmed that it is launching its first ever netbook and expanding the coverage of its WiMax network.

China Unicom expects strong 3G growth in near future

In a Tuesday statement, China Unicom’s Chairman Chang Xiaobing said that the carrier, which began offering the popular Apple iPhone in China last week after its October 1 launch of 3G services, had already signed up over one million 3G subscribers by the end of October.

Sony Ericsson to officially announces its 'Rachael' handset

After leaks of the device details on two YouTube videos in recent weeks, Sony Ericsson has finally acknowledged its first-ever Android-based handset, codenamed 'Rachael,' and will officially announce the device today, November 3! The phone will likely hit the stores of some countries in the first half of 2010.

Marvell, E Ink team up for “highly integrated” turnkey platform for next-gen e-readers

Marvell, E Ink

Marvell, the supplier of communications, storage, and wireless chips, has teamed up with E Ink to notch up against competitors by introducing a "highly integrated" turnkey platform, to be powered by the ARMADA 166E processor, for the next-generation of e-readers.

Google Chrome’s browser-market share increases to 3.6% in October


According to the most recent data forwarded by the Aliso Viejo, California-based Web metrics firm Net Applications, with 0.4 of a percentage point increase in its Web-browser market share in October, the Google Chrome ended the month with a 3.6 percent share of the browser market.

Best Buy to announce movie downloading service with CinemaNow

Best Buy, CinemaNow

Marking its foray into the movie downloading arena, Best Buy, the biggest DVD seller in the US, will likely announce on Tuesday its own download service for the Internet-compatible consumer electronics - like TV, DVD players, phones, and computers - it sells in its stores.

Apple proposes subscription service for transmitting TV shows via iTunes


Going by a Monday report in The Wall Street Journal's All Things Digital blog, Apple has proposed a new Apple TV service that would facilitate the transmission of TV programs through the iTunes software and store across an array of hardware.

Flurry report: iPhone gaining popularity as multi-function reading device!

Flurry report:

A Monday research report forwarded by the mobile applications analytics company Flurry said that even though Apple does not have its own dedicated e-reader, the iPhone more than compensates for it - as the iPhone's e-reading and e-book applications are reportedly witnessing unprecedented popularity!

Sony PlayTV to be launched in Australia on November 26


Come November 26 and Sony will launch its PlayTV peripheral - a dual-HD tuner Personal Video Recorder that adds to the PlayStation 3 - in Australia, after having already made it available in other overseas market.

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