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Amazon releases Kindle for PC application


Endeavoring to attract new customers to its e-reader Kindle, as well as to retain its current users by expanding the portability of its e-books, Amazon Tuesday launched its highly usable Kindle for PC application.

Verizon’s Motorola Droid “doing fine”; 100,000 units sold over opening weekend

Verizon’s Motorola Droid

Notwithstanding the initial reports of a less-than-overwhelming Droid reception, the opening weekend sales of the Motorola Droid were notably substantial - with the Verizon Wireless stores having sold approximately 100,000 Droids, and some stores almost having sold out of the newly-released smartphone!

Google announces free WiFi access at 47 airports till January 15


On the lines of the recently-announced WiFi offerings by Microsoft and Yahoo, Internet search giant Google said on Tuesday that, covering the holiday season till January 15, it will provide free WiFi access at as many as 47 airports.

TSMC to Receive $290.2 Million from SMIC in Lawsuit Settlement

Richard Chang

After reaching an out-of-court settlement in a lawsuit the company had filed against SMIC, TSMC will be receiving a whopping $290.2 Million.

2,500 More Jobs to be Axed by Sprint

Sprint Nextel

Sprint Nextel, with the aim to save as much as $350 Million annually, has announced that it will be cutting up-to 2,500 jobs for the current quarter. In the current financially troubling times, companies all over have been forced to take such decision, but Sprint might just end up hurting itself even more with the lay-offs.

Social Networking Games Creator Playfish Acquired by EA

Electronic Arts, Playfish

In a deal which has cost Electronic Arts $275 million in cash, the giant video games maker has acquired Playfish, creator of popular social networking games like "Who Has the Biggest Brain" and "Pet Society". With the acquisition, EA is now looking to break into the online gaming scene, as dwindling customer confidence has hurt off-the-shelves video games sales.

Mozilla’s open-source browser - Firefox – turns five!

Mozilla Corporation

November 9, 2009 marked the fifth birthday of the Mozilla's open-source browser Firefox 1.0, which essentially replaced the monopoly of the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and gave the users a fairly competitive alternative!

RIM to enhance BlackBerry platform’s appeal among developers and users


In an endeavor to enhance the appeal of its BlackBerry platform among developers and users, Research in Motion (RIM) announced at its second Developer Conference on Monday that it intends making a host of new APIs available by the first half next year.

Google to acquire mobile advertising start-up AdMob for $750 million

Google to acquire mobile advertising start-up AdMob for $750 million

Placing a notably substantial bet on the still-emerging mobile advertising market, Google revealed on Monday its intentions to undertake a $750 million acquisition, in stock, of the mobile advertising start-up AdMob.

Telstra Consumer Relations Head David Moffatt to be Replaced by Glenice Maclellan


Telstra has confirmed that the company's current Chief of Consumer Relations, David Moffatt would be leaving by the end of November. His place will be taken by Glenice Maclellan, appointed by the firm internally. After serving for 8 long years, Moffatt, who is currently 49, handed in his official resignation in September.

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