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Google Chrome OS Could be Launched in 7 Days

Google Chrome OS

In June, Google had announced its endeavor to develop and release an operating system for notebooks, netbooks and smartbooks - the Google Chrome Operating System. Since then, the web search engine giant's creation is being eagerly awaited. The wait might end very soon now. Speculations are that the release of the Chrome OS is imminent, and might just happen within 7 days.

Dell Jumps into Smartphone Market, Reveals Plans to Sell Android Based Models


With all mobile phone makers jumping in to make the most of the currently very lucrative smartphones market, PC manufacturer Dell does not want to be left behind and has announced plans to release a range of smartphones, which will be equipped with Google's popular Android mobile software, to be marketed as Mini 3 phones.

“Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” shatters opening-day sales records!

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

After a rather long wait spanning nearly two years, Activision’s brand-new “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2” finally hit store shelves on Tuesday; and shattered all the earlier records pertaining to the opening-day sales of an entertainment property!

Lenovo to announce Snapdragon-processor-based 'smartbook' at CES


According to a Thursday confirmation coming from Lenovo, the company intends announcing a ‘smartbook’ – a small and economical netbook which uses an ARM processor and a non- Windows operating system - at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2010.

Facebook, Twitter, to be available on Xbox 360 from November 17

Facebook, Twitter, to be available on Xbox 360 from November 17

With Microsoft announcing the official release date of its new Xbox Live Dashboard update as November 17, the availability of the new firmware download will bring Facebook, Twitter, and to the Xbox gaming console.

Intel, AMD work out a long-standing legal settlement

Intel, AMD work out a long-standing legal settlement

After nearly two decades of antitrust and patent disputes, rival chip-makers, Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) have finally worked out a far-reaching legal settlement; whereby Intel will pay AMD $1.25 billion, and also alter the rules for the conduct of its business.

Apple’s Safari 4.0.4 update addresses “performance, stability, and security” issues


In an attempt to address certain “performance, stability, and security” issues of its Safari Web browser, Apple Wednesday released an update, ‘Safari 4.0.4,’ with six separate security patches for which the users will need to restart their Macs.

Google reduces extra-storage cost of photo-sharing site Picasa


With the recently-announced slash in the extra-storage price of its photo-sharing site Picasa Web Albums, Google now offers cheaper extra cloud storage, over and above the 1GB free photo and video storage space.

The reduced over-the-free-limit storage cost now ranges from an annual $5 for 20GB to $4,096 per year for a whopping 16TB (terabytes).

Microsoft discontinues service to nearly 1 million Xbox Live users


As a result of a recent decision taken by Microsoft, the services of as many as one million players of Xbox Live will be discontinued because they have either played pirated games downloaded from file-sharing sites or have modified their Xbox 360 gaming consoles.

Microsoft Bing ties up with computational search engine Wolfram Alpha

Microsoft, Wolfram

Marking one of the most noteworthy additions that Microsoft has been continually adding to its May-launched Bing search engine, the company has recently announced its tie-up with the computational search engine Wolfram Alpha.

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