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Web portal MSN redesigned by Microsoft; Twitter, Facebook access added


With the aim of drawing more users to its search engine Bing, Microsoft, placing its Microsoft Network, MSN, on a high priority, is finally giving the Web portal a long-awaited and much-overdue overhaul.

Microsoft slashes the cost of hosted email services; to expand BPOS platform

Business Productivity Online Suite

The recent Microsoft move of slashing the price of its Exchange Online email services, as well as building up some of its software-as-a-service offerings, clearly highlights the intensifying competition to offer the so-called "cloud" office applications to the users.

EBay launches open payments system for its PayPal platform


In an endeavor to accelerate the adoption of its core payment platform, eBay Tuesday launched a new technology for its PayPal division, essentially to facilitate the incorporation of the online payments system into the applications of third-party software developers.

Cisco-EMC joint venture likely to be announced this week

Cisco-EMC joint venture likely to be announced this week

Going by the latest reports, the current week may witness the materialization of a long-rumored tie-up between Cisco systems and EMC. The alliance - between the networking biggie and server aspirant Cisco Systems and the storage powerhouse and VMware owner EMC - will result in bringing forth bundled computing gear and services.

T-Mobile USA customers face voice and data service outage late Tuesday

T-Mobile USA customers face voice and data service outage late Tuesday

Close on the heels of a service outage that caused a temporary loss of personal data of its SideKick subscribers, T-Mobile USA faced yet another glitch late Tuesday, with a pervasive voice and data service outage affecting its subscribers all over the country!

AT&T files a lawsuit against Verizon over its recent TV ads

AT&T files a lawsuit against Verizon over its recent TV ads

AT&T, which is locked in a scuffle of sorts over smartphone devices and customers with rival carrier Verizon, has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, alleging that Verizon’s latest TV ads wrongly indicate that AT&T has gaps in wireless coverage. 

Sprint Launches Netbook, Expands Coverage of WiMax

Sprint Launches Netbook, Expands Coverage of WiMax

In an announcement which sent excitement all around, Sprint-Nextel Corp., has confirmed that it is launching its first ever netbook and expanding the coverage of its WiMax network.

China Unicom expects strong 3G growth in near future

In a Tuesday statement, China Unicom’s Chairman Chang Xiaobing said that the carrier, which began offering the popular Apple iPhone in China last week after its October 1 launch of 3G services, had already signed up over one million 3G subscribers by the end of October.

Sony Ericsson to officially announces its 'Rachael' handset

After leaks of the device details on two YouTube videos in recent weeks, Sony Ericsson has finally acknowledged its first-ever Android-based handset, codenamed 'Rachael,' and will officially announce the device today, November 3! The phone will likely hit the stores of some countries in the first half of 2010.

Marvell, E Ink team up for “highly integrated” turnkey platform for next-gen e-readers

Marvell, E Ink

Marvell, the supplier of communications, storage, and wireless chips, has teamed up with E Ink to notch up against competitors by introducing a "highly integrated" turnkey platform, to be powered by the ARMADA 166E processor, for the next-generation of e-readers.

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