Aviation Sector

Air France-KLM likely to post fiscal 3Q operating loss

Citing the "deterioration in the economic environment," Europe's largest airline, Air France-KLM, said on Tuesday that it would probably incur operating cost losses for the last quarter of 2008. Earlier, in the period July-September, it had reported plummeting profits bogged down by higher oil prices and financial charges, which axed its earnings.

Frankfurt Airport expansion begins after long delay

Frankfurt - Work to expand Frankfurt international airport in Germany began Tuesday after years of delay and opposition from environmentalists concerned at noise, pollution and the carbon footprint from increased air travel.

Big cranes used to salvage jet from Hudson River

A big crane was used to lift the US Airways jet which had crashed in the frozen Hudson River. Five large slings brought out the plane from the frozen waters.

New York mayor rewards rescuers of downed US Airways plane

New York  - Proud New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday handed out medals and certificates to those who worked to rescue 155 passengers and crew of the US Airways plane that crashed into the frigid waters of the Hudson River.

155 Survive Plane Crash In Frozen River

An instant hero, the pilot of US Airways Flight 1549 kept his cool despite crippled engines, as he began to descend over New York City . Guiding the plane to crash in the frozen Hudson River, passengers received instructions to brace for the impact, which many survivors say felt more like a rear-end car collision.