Energy Sector

Turkey confirms flow of Russian gas via Ukraine halted

Ankara - Russian gas supplies to Turkey via Ukrainian pipelines have been cut amid the ongoing dispute over gas between Kiev and Moscow, the Turkish government said Tuesday.

Deliveries have stopped from the West pipeline , Turkish Energy Minister Hilmi Guler told journalists.

Gas deliveries down to EU, no end in sight for Russia-Ukraine row

Moscow/Kiev/Budapest/Brussels - Russian natural gas deliveries fell substantially in downstream markets on Saturday, with no end in sight for the Russia-Ukrainian row responsible for the reduction.

Dynegy, LS Power Associates dismisses ‘Development Joint Venture’

Texas-based Dynegy Inc. has notified that the company has entered into an agreement with LS Power Associates, L.P. to dissolve the two companies' development joint venture.

No impact on EU from Russia-Ukraine gas row, Brussels says

Brussels - Russian gas monopoly Gazprom's decision to cut natural-gas supplies to Ukraine has so far had no impact on deliveries to the European Union, EU officials said Friday.

"There has been no change" in the volumes of Russian gas delivered to EU clients, a spokeswoman for the EU's executive, the European Commission, told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa.

Russia, Ukraine in stand off; Europe gas flow constant

Moscow/Kiev/Prague - Russia and Ukraine remained in a stand off on future gas prices on Friday but both parties separately sought to reassure Europe that the flow of gas through Ukrainian pipelines would not be disrupted.