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US signs agreement with ICANN to ‘internationalize’ Internet governance

US signs agreement with ICANN to ‘internationalize’ Internet governance

In a move that marks the loosening of the US government’s grip on the Internet, the US Commerce Department Wednesday signed an agreement with Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to facilitate increased global involvement in the Internet domain name process.

Google Chrome Bookmark Sync coming up


Users may soon be able to synchronize their bookmarks across multiple computers, with the help of a new developer build, which is expected to be released by Google in the recent future.

Text messaging while driving results in a 23-times increased risk of crashing

Virginia Tech Transportation

Going by the findings of the a recent research by Virginia Tech's Transportation Institute, there is nearly a 23-times increased risk of a crash or near-accident for a motorist who is 'text messaging' while driving! This is so because while text messaging the motorists take their eyes off the road for a longer span than while talking or listening on their cell phones.