Japanese firm NEC brings out LT-W Dual-Screen Tablet

LT-W Dual-Screen Tablet

Tablets attract all the attention at CES 2011 and Japanese company NEC has jumped into the competition with the LT-W Cloud Communicator, a slate having dual touch screens that unfolds like a book and runs Android 2.1.

Low-Power Monitor for Businesses Introduced by NEC

NEC has introduced to the market its 22 inches, LED-backlit desktop display which reportedly consumes about half of the power as compared to the previous models. The new offering also reduces radiated heat, weight and packaging by a significant amount.

Japanese NEC Cuts Profit Outlook by 40%

Japanese NEC Cuts Profit Outlook by 40%

In light of the current economic downturn, Japan's leading PC maker NEC Corp., has cut back its complete year profit outlook by as much as 40%.

The company says that, in addition to a weak economy, huge losses on the firm's microchip unit and slow network system sales have contributed to the decision of the cut down.

Nissan-NEC’s $1 billion battery manufacturing venture

According to the Nikkei business, a joint investment of nearly $1.1 billion by Japan's Nissan Motor Co and NEC Corp will result in the production of large-capacity lithium ion batteries, for use in hybrid and electric cars.