'Popeye' goes copyright free in Europe

Following the EU law that restricts copyrights of authors for only 70 years after their death, on 1st January the iconic cartoon character Popeye the Sailor Man became public domain in the EU.

In the late 1938, the creator of Popeye, Elzie Segar expired.

Gas deliveries down to EU, no end in sight for Russia-Ukraine row

Moscow/Kiev/Budapest/Brussels - Russian natural gas deliveries fell substantially in downstream markets on Saturday, with no end in sight for the Russia-Ukrainian row responsible for the reduction.

Russia, Ukraine still in stand off, gas flow to Europe constant

Russia, Ukraine still in stand off, gas flow to Europe constantMoscow/Kiev - Russia and Ukraine remained in a stand off on energy pricing on Friday, as gas deliveries to Europe continued practically uninterrupted.

Gas still flowing to Ukraine after Russia deadline

Kiev  - Russian natural gas was still flowing to Ukraine after a Kremlin deadline to cut it off passed Thursday, according to media and eyewitness reports.

Russian and Ukrainian media confirmed engineers monitoring pipelines on the border between the two countries as of 0700 GMT had not thrown switches to cut off supplies.

Ukraine asks EU to mediate in gas dispute with Russia

Moscow  - Ukraine asked the European Union to mediate in the escalating dispute with Russia on gas deliveries, as talks failed ahead of a 8.00 am (0700 GMT) cut-off date, a Ukrainian official said.

Bogdan Sokolovsky, Ukraine's representative for energy security said his country asked the EU to mediate, the Interfax news agency reported from Kiev.