Nine killed in Ukraine gas explosion

Kiev/Moscow - A gas main explosion in a Ukrainian apartment building killed at least nine people and left dozens buried, news reports said Thursday.

The explosion took place Wednesday evening in a Soviet-era apartment building in Evpatoria, on the Black Sea shore of Ukraine's Crimea peninsula.

EU offers 12.4 million euros in aid to Iraqis, Palestinians

Brussels - The European Union's executive on Tuesday pledged food aid totalling 12.4 million euros (17.3 million dollars) to vulnerable Iraqis and Palestinians hard hit by rising food prices.

Brussels approves Latvian bank bail-out plan

Brussels - The European Union's executive on Tuesday approved a Latvian government plan to support banks in the crisis- stricken country, one of Europe's worst-hit victims of the current financial turmoil.

Europe gears up to mark decades of change

Berlin  - Europe is gearing up to mark a series of major anniversaries next year, defining moments both in terms of European as well as world history.

Besides the 70th anniversary of the start of the Second World War, which began when Hitler's troops marched into Poland on September 1, 1939, 2009 will also mark the

Damaged cables continue to disrupt internet services in Egypt

Cairo Internet services between Egypt, Europe, and Asia were disrupted Saturday for a second day after three undersea cables in the Mediterranean were damaged early Friday.

Egypt's communication ministry said 80 per cent of the country's internet network was down. The reason for the cable breaks was not immediately clear acording to French Telecom, one of the providers.