Police discovers a gun used in Hudson’s family homicide

It was one of the breakthroughs achieved for the Chicago Police as they found an evidence in the Hudson family killings. The police recovered a gun which was supposedly used to kill the Academy Award Winner Jennifer Hudson's mother, brother and young nephew. The gun was lying in the vacant space in a corner where the body of the deceased seven year old Julian King was recovered inside an SUV on Monday.

The gun recovered from the spot has been sent to Illinois State Police crime lab for forensic testing. Some small pieces of evidences were also found from an empty trash lot on 14th Street between Kildare and Kolin Avenues on the city's West Side, according to the Deputy police chief, Nick Roti. While the police chief denied of giving any details related to probe as people had to be interviewed.

Hudson’s family tragedy took place last Friday when Jennifer’s mother, 57 year old Darnell Hudson Donnerson and her brother 29 year old Jason S. Hudson were found as shot dead in their Englewood home.

A $100,000 dollar reward was offered by the award winning actress for her missing nephew’s safe return but the latter was discovered as shot dead in an SUV on 1300 block of South Kolin Avenue by the police. Multiple gun shots were revealed as the cause of Julian’s death.

The prime suspect was believed to be 27 year old William Balfour, Jennifer’s estranged husband for the triple homicide of Hudson’s family. It is said that William had developed relations with Jennifer’s sister Julia, the latter has posted William’s name as her husband on her MySpace page. However the suspect who has continuously denied of his involvement in the triple murder refused to take polygraph test.

Balfour who hails a background in crime was imprisoned for seven years for his attempt to murder and vehicular hijacking. In 1998 he hijacked Chevrolet Suburban and banged it into a light pole, fence, and iron gate with its owner still hanging to the top. He has been labeled as “a person of interest” by the police and one else has been charged till now for the killings.

The Illinois Department of Corrections on Saturday took out a warrant for William’s parole violations as he did not attended the compulsory anger management and substance abuse programs. His violations can keep him in jail for the remainder of his parole, which is until May 2009 minus a day off for every day good behavior and can be released by mid-December at the earliest. He is currently held by Stateville Correctional Center for his unrelated parole violation.