LEAF to be Sold by Nissan in Japan for $40,000

LEAF to be Sold by Nissan in Japan for $40,000

Nissan Motor Co. has officially announced that LEAF, the company's new electric car, will be sold across Japan for 3.76 Million Yen ($40,000), and while the quoted price makes the vehicle less expensive than the other zero-emission vehicles offered, it is still much costly for many drivers who might also be put off by the LEAF's limited range.

The sale price of the LEAF across the US will be announced later during Tuesday.

Official deliveries of the hatchback are expected to start in December and Japanese customers will be able to place orders for the same starting April 01, as has been confirmed by Nissan. For US customers, orders will start from April 20, and soon afterwards, orders will be open for European customers.

Under the present incentives offered by the Japanese Government, the LEAF would qualify for a 77,000 Yen credit, pulling the price down to 2.99 Million Yen. Buyers across America will be eligible for a tax credit worth $7,500.

"It would have to be cheaper, but the main stumbling block is range. For this to be a game-changer, you'd need to have double the range, and lithium ion battery technology just can't do that right now at an affordable price", said Christopher Richter, an auto analyst at CLSA Asia Pacific Markets in Tokyo.