Only 12% women distressed by low sex drive

A survey conducted on 31,581 women between the age group of 18 to 102 in US revealed that 44% of women had sexual problems. But the brighter side of the survey shows that only 12% of them are distressed by their condition.

43% of the women complained of sexual dysfunction; 39% experienced low levels of sexual desire; 26% had
arousal problems and 21% had difficulties with orgasm.

The report's lead author, Dr. Jan L. Shifren of Massachusetts General Hospital, says, “The reason the study is important is that we read about 30 or 40 percent us — women — experience sexual problems and we confirm that, yes, about 30 percent of women may note low desire, or orgasmic response, but when you ask if it is a distressing problem, that is a much lower percentage of women.”

"Sexual problems are common in women, but problems associated with personal distress, those which are truly bothersome and affect a woman's quality of life, are much less frequent." said study leader, Dr. Jan Shifren, of Massachusetts General's Obstetrics and Gynecology Service, in a news release.

The youngest group i.e. between 18-44 showed lower levels of both problems and distress. It was also observed that women with depression were more than twice as likely to report distress over any type of sexual problem as compared to those who were not suffering from it.