Free Drug for Diabetes Type 2: Meijer Inc. Announced

Free Drug for Diabetes Type 2: Meijer Inc. Announced

Meijer Inc. made an announcement this week that it would offer the most generally prescribed drug to take care of Type 2 diabetes without any charge to those who have a medical prescription.

Its pharmacies at all 191 stores will hand out the general direct release tablets of metformin in doses of 500mg, 850mg and 1000mg, giving a sigh of relief to the massively growing number of diabetics in the U. S.

According to Frank Guglielmi, Director of Public Relations at the Grand Rapids-based supercenter seller, the out-of-pocket savings may possibly be more than $40 per month, which depends on the amount of dosage needed for every person.

There are major plans made to provide healthy solutions for the customers. This is company’s latest pharmacy free gift. People love the occasions when they receive something for which they do not have to pay.

No less than 24 million American suffer from diabetes, with Type 2 accounting for almost 95% of all the cases, as informed by the American Diabetes Association's estimations for 2007.

With the present lifestyle, it is anticipated that one in three kids born now would develop diabetes in his or her life term.