Ford to Post Q1 Gains, Rivals also Recovering

Ford to Post Q1 Gains, Rivals also Recovering

Ford Motor Co. will post its first quarter profit on Tuesday following a pickup in production in North America due to subtle revival in the U.S. auto industry net sales.

It in noteworthy that from 2006 to 2008, the automaker counted a total loss $30 billion and then surprisingly last year it stunned analysts by the amount of profit and it still expects noticeable amount of profits this year. This keeps investors interested in sustainability and strength of the turnaround of the company.

The U.S. Government bailouts of the major rival companies including General Motors, Chrysler and Toyota Motor Corp's in 2009, resulting in colossal recalls, can also be credited for the enormous benefits of the automaker.

Analysts are hopeful of the company’s profits as this progress has been termed as a “long term job".  Equity analyst, Efraim Levy said pointed out that the main thing in the whole story is the fact that “trajectory is in the right direction".

But the recent improvement in the rivals of the company can pose a threat to the elevating gains as there have been reports that reveal that Toyota is offering company record incentives to reconstruct U.S. sales, GM is paying back the Government loans and expecting 2010 profit year and Chrysler is also posting a first-quarter operating profit.