Nissan's Leaf Electric Vehicle Launched

Nissan's Leaf Electric Vehicle Launched

On Thursday Nissan Motor Co said that its Leaf electric vehicle was on track to book 25,000 U. S. orders by the end of the year. It is assumed that the company would be making money from the green car.

It was noticed that around 8,000 U. S. reservations had been made by Nissan for its hatchback. In December this model would go on sale in the United States.

Mark Perry, Nissan's North America Director of product planning and strategy revealed that nine days back they started taking orders.

"We are on a double time march for launch. We are on our way to have 25,000 firm orders by December", said Perry.

It was reported that Nissan's U. S. launch of the car would start in California, Arizona, Washington, Tennessee and Oregon. In late 2010 the car would also be launched in Japan and Europe.

It was noticed that this car would be the first fully electric five-passenger car. This car is available at $32,780 and when charged fully it can go up to 160 kilometers.

It was told by Perry that the price that was announced by them was affordable by most of the people.