Hyundai's i45 Recomposes Sonata

Hyundai's i45 Recomposes Sonata

The sonata is in battle with some of the highest selling cars in America such as the Accord, Camry, Altima, and Hyundai. So it is coming up with new medium- sized sedan, the i45. It does seem a little early for 2011 models to be out, but Hyundai just couldn't help themselves and are delivering the new segment leader.

The physical appearance of this new car is really noteworthy. It has a completely new look in sync with Hyundai's 'fluid design' idea. It looks incredible with great body, nice paint, and modish wheels. The interiors of the car are not less than exteriors with interesting fluid shapes on the dash, which converge into an elegant center console.

Hyundai is putting forward a brand new, six-speed automatic that is paired with a 2.4L direct injection motor. Only the 2.4 L 4 cylinders are offered across all trims, but it's nearly 200hp and 186 pound-feet of torque supply all of the acceleration. In addition, it is offering 35mpg on the freeway.

Hyundai has enormously hit it out of the park with style, performance and a great price. Last year, the sonata sales number was 50%, which is more than half of new buyers don't own Hyundai.

Subsequently, they are magnetizing younger buyers that car manufacturers drool for. If the new Sonata's sales explosions become a trend, then this is a huge leap forward for Hyundai, which is rapidly becoming a heavy challenger to the traditional auto giants.