Nissan Vehicles Recalled in US

Nissan Vehicles Recalled in US

It was seen lately that Nissan Motor Co. in the United States had recalled 48,700 trucks and sports utility vehicles with a suspension part problem, but this recall won't be done to vehicles in New Zealand.

It was informed by Shaun Hickman, Nissan parts Manager that he was not conscious of any recall planned for New Zealand. He added that most of the trucks were not sold in New Zealand.

It was informed that the US recall would cover a few 2010 Nissan Armadas, Frontiers, Titans, Pathfinders and Xterras and Infiniti QX56 models.

The problem was found on a lower suspension control link, which was not welded properly. Because of this defect the bushing collar could crack which could make the ride rough and noisy.

It has been planned by Nissan Motor Co. to recall 48,700 trucks and SUVs for problems with a suspension part.

It was told by Spokesman Colin Price that the Company was working on details with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and expected that the recall would be starting next week.

It was informed that the Armada, Titan and Infiniti QX56 were produced at the Company's Canton plant; whereas the Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra were produced at Smyrna, Tenn., plant.