Importance of IPv6 Stressed

Importance of IPv6 Stressed

The internet was designed around 40 years ago and no one could predict at that time that it will grow like this and become a global phenomenon. The growth of internet in the developing countries is especially surprising everyone.

It is being feared that the current IPv4 numbering system will be exhausted by September next year. It is being argued that it will be necessary to migrate to IPv6 numbering system as soon as possible. Experts feel that this system will make it easier to manage all the IP addresses on the internet.

Experts feel that using multiple devices for internet like mobile phones, laptops, desktops and servers is also putting a strain on the current IPv4 numbering system. More and more devices will be able to access internet in the coming days. TVs, gaming consoles and media players which are coming to the market can access internet.

The bulk of the demand is coming from countries like China, India and Brazil where more and more people are using internet for various purposes. It is also getting more and more challenging to provide connectivity to so many users at the same time.

Experts feel that moving to IPv6 technology in order to avoid the IPv4 address shortage is very important and should be started soon.

Governments around the world have already started efforts to move to IPv6 technology in the coming times.