Nissan Constructing Battery Plant in US

Nissan Constructing Battery Plant in US

A most important expansion in Smyrna formally takes shape on Wednesday.

Delegates from Nissan Motor Co. Ltd. will unite with Gov., Phil Bredesen on Wednesday morning at the historic revolutionary for their new plant.

Nissan is naming it be their ‘Sustainable Mobility Plant. The 1.3 million square foot facility will construct the firm’s new all-electric car recognized as the LEAF, in addition to the lithium-ion batteries that power it.

It is anticipated to commence assembly in late 2012.

Once the plant is constructed and running, it will be one of the biggest lithium-ion battery plants in the world, with the capability of producing no less than 200,000 battery packs per year.

The development is projected to fetch around 1,300 manufacturing employments to Smyrna, as well as around 250 building jobs.

Tuesday’s revolutionary ceremonial affair is set for 8:30 a. m.