Turkey confirms flow of Russian gas via Ukraine halted

Ankara - Russian gas supplies to Turkey via Ukrainian pipelines have been cut amid the ongoing dispute over gas between Kiev and Moscow, the Turkish government said Tuesday.

Deliveries have stopped from the West pipeline , Turkish Energy Minister Hilmi Guler told journalists.

The flow of Russian gas supply was terminated at the Ukrainian- Romanian border Tuesday morning, cutting off supply to Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, the Bulgarian supplier Bulgargaz said.

Turkey imports around 40 million cubic metres via Bulgaria through the West pipeline, making up between 35 and 40 per cent of Turkey's gas imports.

Guler said that the supply of gas from the Blue Stream pipeline which passes under the Black Sea had been raised from 40 million cubic metres per day to 48 million cubic metres and that Turkey would use supplies from natural gas storage depots and liquid natural gas sources.

NTV also reported that Iranian authorities had informed Ankara that they could boost their supplies of gas to Turkey if needed. (dpa)