Ford Expects Auto-Industry to Carry on its Current Pace

Ford Expects Auto-Industry to Carry on its Current Pace

It has been said by the sales analysts of Ford Motor Co. on Friday that the U. S. auto industry will carry on its current pace and finish May on track for an annual sales rate of slightly more than 11 million new cars and trucks.

April sales ended at an annual rate of 11.2 million vehicles, and industry analyst Edmunds. com has forecast a May rate of 11.4 million.

The modest recovery of market will be continued in the U. S. Ford's George Pipas said he has yet to see any economic movements that would cause an unexpected sales jump. Also according to him, auto makers will keep on delaying incentives as they primarily focus on effectiveness rather than quickly increasing market share.

The day when that Ford’s Chief Executive Alan Mulally failed to deal with questions about the auto maker's plans to kill its drooping Mercury brand, forecast came on the same day. "We have nothing new to add today," Mr. Mulally said.

In addition to this, Ford said it continues to work on combining its dealer network. Mr. Mulally hasn't unveiled the target size other than saying his goal is to make dealers more lucrative overall. The main focus is to close some of the weaker dealers in cities, where there is a dwindling consumer base. The auto maker had 3,553 Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealers at the end of 2009.