Verizon runs FiOS trials

Verizon runs FiOS trials

Verizon Communications is running its trials for FiOS Internet and television service for a month and at the same time claims will not charge any fees if a customer chooses to switch the service later.

Verizon claims that the option of paying month-by-month, eliminating a long-term contract, with the assurance that the price would not go up for a year.

Although it is termed to be a risky proposition that spends around $1,350 to install FiOS at a new customer's home.

It is furthers stated that termination fees usually still apply for U. S. wireless providers even if try-out periods are offered to customers.

According to the Larry Hettick, an analyst for Current Analysis, who states that Verizon will keep a substantially large number of customers who sign up under the new rules it further stated: "There's so much tit-for-tat in the cable TV business, anything that changes for one provider may bring pressure on the others."

The coverage that Verizon's FiOS captures has approximately 12 million customers for television services, and has 12.6 million for Internet services and is known to offer services since 2004, and television services since 2005.