SEAT Completes 25 Years of Existence in UK

SEAT Completes 25 Years of Existence in UK

Car maker SEAT completes 25 years of existence of doing business on the shores of UK this month. SEAT which arrived in the UK with its first in-house car model Ibiza was first introduced in the UK in the year 1985 and made a sale of 6,000 cars in the year 1986.

Subsequently, in 1986 Volkswagen AG bought a 51% stake in SEAT, which was originally owned by Tiny Rowland’s Audi and Volkswagen Lonrho. In the year 1990, Volkswagen took complete ownership of the originally Spanish carmaker, which made SEAT to be the first factory owned brand of Volkswagen AG in the United Kingdom.

Success came to SEAT with gradual passage of years and in the year 1995, it sold more than 20,000 cars in the UK; SEAT also moved its base to Milton Keynes in the same year.

SEAT reached the pinnacle of its sales by the year 2007 by selling over 34,790 cars. The Spanish car maker whose headquarter now resides in Milton Keynes would be looking to reach greater heights regarding its sales and production this year, which would also come as a consolation for the car maker’s silver jubilee.