Heroin Meant for 53-Year olds Grandmother Intercepted at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Heroin Meant for 53-Year olds Grandmother Intercepted at the Detroit Metropolita

People transporting illegal narcotics from one place to another often state the strangest excuses after getting caught. The same was the case with a 53-year old man identified as Steven Patong Thao, who was nabbed with $50,000 worth of cocaine at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

In a complaint that was made public on Tuesday. Thao was intercepted by customs officer and had discovered two bottles full of pills in his luggage on the 26th of December. One of the bottles had even cleared security, when he had left from Laos.

On initial interrogation, the man said that the pills were meant for him and he consumed them to maintain his high blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Though, very soon nervousness and anxiety was writ large on his face, as the man started to fidget and could not speak properly. He even went to the bathroom on a number of occasions.

Following a check of the pills, it was discovered that they were no ordinary medication, and was in fact heroin. The total weight of the contraband was around 440gms of the drug.

When told, he would have to stay overnight at the hospital, Thao said that the drugs were being used by his grandmother, who was using it for pain relief as she was very old.

Thao has already been booked by authorities for carrying a banned substance with intent to distribute it, and was later released on bail bond of $10,000.