Detroit auto show indicated the importance of small cars

Detroit auto show indicated the importance of small cars

There are lots of complaints against small cars. If it is put simply then: Americans don't want them, will not be paying the dramatically higher prices needed for them to be profitable and moreover don't go for them as gas still remains cheap.

And moreover if laws of physics are considered then they still mean small cars are unsafe than big cars in crashes.

However, none of the factors discussed above, matter to the carmakers as of now. Federal laws say that the industry's products must average thirty five and half miles per gallon in 2016, and proposed regs could increase that to sixty two miles per gallon by 2025. That all but mandates shrinking cars.

Thus, begins the small-car parade At the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. a get-small theme was widely evident this week. It was there at the Los Angeles auto show that happened in the last November and in the array of trim-size newbies arriving in America's dealer showrooms. Automakers are investing billions of dollars into boosting up small-car production and can only expect that buyers will come.

Rebecca Lindland expressed her concern saying that nobody's talking about the consumer's demand; she is a consultant and a ranking industry expert at IHS Global Automotive. She further stated that her research points out that Americans like their big cars, and they will continue buying them as long as gas is relatively cheap. .. America is not going to look like Europe anytime in the near future.

Fiat Auto, the small-car specialist doesn't have high hopes thinking of the U. S. as a small-car market.

Sergio Marchionne, the CEO of Fiat Auto and Chrysler Group stated that he does not see a big market of small cars but just sees a market. There is a big difference between them. Fiat never thought of conquering the U. S. market with A and B cars.