Detroit Mayor turns down ‘RoboCop statue’ suggestion


Detroit Mayor Dave Bing has turned down a suggestion pertaining to building a RoboCop statue in the city. The suggestion, which came from a Twitter user, MT, had apparently been put across as a fitting way to honor the city's cyborg protector of the late 1980s!

The ‘RoboCop statue’ suggestion came up via Twitter, after Bing had sought the assistance of the Internet community in contributing ideas that could help revitalize the city.

In his tweet in response to the suggestion about a RoboCop statue in Detroit, Mayor Bing tweeted back: “There are not any plans to erect a statue to RoboCop. Thank you for the suggestion.”

Mayor Bing had asked the Internet for ideas because he is working towards making Detroit a safer city via a number of programs, including one which aims at bringing police officers back into the city from their homes in the suburbs. And, clearly, a RoboCop statute does not fit into Bing’s present scheme of things, as it will hardly contribute anything to ‘safer city’ programs.

Nonetheless, Bing’s response, of straightaway denying the ‘RoboCop statue’ suggestion, has infuriated quite a few fans of the RoboCop movie of the 80s. Most of these fans have expressed the disappointment that the Mayor had not even considered the idea so much as to give it a fair chance!