Bulgari Diamonds Loaned to Winona Ryder Go Missing

Hollywood actress, Winona Ryder finds herself at the centre of a new controversy, as jewels worth $125,000, including a Bulgari diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring lent to her for an awards ceremony in Spain, go missing mysteriously.
According to TMZ, a diamond-encrusted bracelet and ring was loaned to Winona to wear to a Marie Claire magazine party in Madrid, including a dress, shoes and other accessories to wear to the event.
The bracelet and ring have gone missing, reportedly Ryder reportedly handed an envelope containing the jewellery to the hotel’s front desk for keeping in the hotel’s safe.  However, the hotel has been unable to locate any surveillance footage to prove her statement, with Bulgari executives calling in police to investigate the missing gems.  So far, the police are not considering Winona as a suspect in the case.
With investigations still on-going, a TMZ source claims, the jewels might have gone missing from Winona’s hotel room, as the star checked out of the hotel the next day, leaving everything loaned to her in the room, since ‘no one from Marie Claire was around to collect’ them.  The dress and everything else were still in the room, only the jewels went missing.
According to TMZ, the truth is that the story of Winona handing over the jewels to the front desk was not given by the actress, but by someone covering up for the person who had access to Ryder’s hotel room, in an attempt to intimate, Ryder had stolen the jewels.