Due to good sales of car Toyota saw a growth of 42% in the US market

Due to good sales of car Toyota saw a growth of 42% in the US market

Toyota Motor Corp.'s (TM, 7203. TO) sales of auto in the US market went up by forty two percent in February due to robust sales of cars, sport-utility vehicles and small vans. The company’s figures bounced back from the decline of the previous year.

One year back monthly sales of Toyota declined by 8.7%--the only fall reported among the top six auto manufacturers in the U. S. as the Japanese auto major got affected by a recall of huge numbers of its vehicles and due to the temporary production and sales stalled for the firm.

Last week, Toyota took action by calling back 2.17 million U. S. cars when requested by regulators, to tackle various flaws linked with floor mat interfering with the accelerator pedal. A series of recalls has smeared the firm’s once-prestigious goodwill for quality; the latest recall somehow ended an American investigation of the floor-mat issue.

On Tuesday, the largest car maker in the world in respect to sales volume reported that it sold as many as one hundred forty one thousand eight hundred and forty six cars in America in the last month, more than one hundred thousand and twenty seven cars sold one year back. It is Twenty two percent more than January's total.

Toyota-division sales gone up by forty nine percent from one year earlier while Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus reported an increase of a 0.2%. It was for the first time that Lexus saw a year-on-year increase after the month of October.

Total car sales of the firm saw a growth of forty four percent. Light-truck sales grew by thirty nine percent. Sport-utility vehicle saw a rise of forty three percent. Sales of small vans more than two folded and pickup sales saw a rise of eight percent.