Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. Resumes its Operation

Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. Resumes its Operation

The Japan's Toyota Motor Corp. has resumed its production after suspending the operations for past two weeks. The company had postponed its operations due to the earthquake and resulting tsunami which killed more than 9,800 people and damaged many factories. The motor company will start the production of Prius and two Lexus models.

The Toyota Motor Corp. situated in Toyota City, Japan had closed all 18 auto-assembly plants in the Asian countries following the earthquake.

The sale of Prius in U. S. rose by 47% in the first two months of the year. The Toyota Motor Corp. was expecting a continuous rise in the demand due to the increase in gasoline prices.

President of Renault-Nissan, Carlos Ghosn said that more than 40 auto parts makers in Japan were affected by the natural calamity. The production cannot be resumed at some of the companies due to the shortage of electricity after the earthquake and tsunami. As a result of the natural disaster the Japanese carmakers fall-short of producing 356,000 vehicles.

The carmakers of the country are jointly offering support to the suppliers of auto-parts parts through the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association.