Jewels Loaned To Winona Ryder Disappear

Winona RyderDesigner jewellery, a diamond encrusted Bulgari bracelet and ring worth $125,000 loaned to actress Winona Ryder for a Marie Claire weekend event in Madrid, Spain have gone missing. Spanish police are investigating the mystery of the missing jewels, but say the actress is not under suspicion.

Apparently, according to an Access Hollywood source, Winona left the hotel morning after the event, leaving the jewels in her hotel room, however, they could not be found when someone was sent to collect the jewellery.

Winona arrested for shoplifting at Saks Fifth Avenue in 2001, is not a suspect in this case. Ryder, 37, who made headlines on 19th November by collapsing on a flight to London and being hospitalized there for a brief time, continues to maintain a discreet silence about the missing jewellery.