Chimp Attack Victim's Face Transplant a Success

Charla Nash, who was viciously mauled by her friend’s pet chimpanzee two years ago, is the latest successful recipient of a face transplant, one of the few to ever take place in modern medical history.

Charla, 57, was attacked two years ago by a 200 pound pet chimpanzee, named Travis, and was left blinded and without eyelids, a nose, hands, and lips.

However, the marathon surgery, which lasted for over 20 hours, was successful in transplanting facial tissue to the Poughkeepsie woman.

Doctors also attempted to perform a double hand transplant, which was unsuccessful. After Charla came down with pneumonia and began to experience kidney failure, the hands failed to thrive, and were removed.

Charla’s doctors and family members are optimistic for what Charla’s future recovery will bring.

“The face is perfectly alive and the nerves are already starting to re-grow”, said Charla’s brother, Steve Nash. “In the next three months, there will be gradual return of sensation… and in six to nine months motor function will return, so Charla should be able to smile, control her lips, and her speech will be a lot clearer as well as her ability to eat. All of these things will gradually improve”.

According to Nash, Charla is particularly eager to begin eating “real” food after two years of only eating purified food.