Treatment for Drug Addicts Cost £3.6bn to UK Every Year: CPS

Treatment for Drug Addicts Cost £3.6bn to UK Every Year: CPS

A recent report prepared by the Centre for Policy (CPS) has revealed that the treatment for drug addicts costs £3.6bn every year to the UK. The report has found that every year hundreds of thousands of drug addicts are provided with help, support and prescriptions for methadone.

The report has claimed that at present, 150,000 people are on methadone treatment. Many people spend years on the drug, which accounts for a quarter of all deaths due to drug poisoning. Methadone was recommended as a treatment for heroin addicts in the late 1980s, following the declaration of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs that the spread of HIV/Aids was a bigger threat to the public than drug abuse.

The report has revealed that Mr. Cameron promised to provide more residential treatment programmes to these addicts, but heroin substitute is still a common treatment for addicts. No new treatment programme has been developed by the government for these addicts.

The CPS report has found that the number of referrals to rehabilitation units has fallen to 3,914. At present, there are only 1,872 beds available at affordable levels of around £500-£600 per week.