Nissan Motor Welcomes GM in All-Electric Car Segment

Nissan Motor Welcomes GM in All-Electric Car Segment

In a bid to put a brave battle in front of Nissan Motor Co.'s Leaf, General Motors would unveil its all-electric Chevrolet small car in the US market in 2013. However, it has been confirmed by Chevy's global vehicle chief engineer for electric vehicles, Jim Federico that the company is selective in choosing market for its first all-electric vehicle and that’s why it would be rolled out in some of the markets of the US.

Owing to slack demand, it was being believed that US auto market is in dire need of more models and that’s the reason that General Motors new offering is being seen as a refreshing change.

Estimating the kind of norms being revealed by the US by the year 2025 for the industry, it would be a golden opportunity for the General Motors to offer more fuel-efficient cars in the market. Even it could make them a leading contender of "greenest automaker in the world" from Toyota Motor Corp, lest the offering is being molded as per the desired level of comfort of Americans.

Moreover, the maker is quite optimistic about the response the Volt would get from the market, but still it’s adopting the best possible strategies for marketing. It has been claimed by the General Motors that backed by a
400-pound lithium-ion battery, the Volt assures to run for up to 50 miles on electric charge only.

With the news hitting the contours of the market, Nissan Motors has welcomed the competition in the pure-electric segment of the market.