Terminally Ill British Teenager Wins Right To Die With Dignity

Terminally Ill British Teenager Wins Right To Die With DignityHannah Jones, 13, a terminally ill British Teenager has refused to undergo a life saving heart transplant.  Diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia at the age of 3-years, and later with heart problems, Hannah has spent almost her entire life in and out of hospitals.  Which is why, when she was told that she required a heart transplant that might or might not succeed, she felt she had had enough.
Having already undergone six operations within the last two years, Hannah after hearing the doctors out, says she prefers to go home rather than risk spending the remainder of her precious time, inside a place she intensely dislikes, nor did she want to go through with a high risk or any other operation.
Her simple desire to spend her last days at home turned into a protracted legal battle, with the hospital threatening court action if Hannah was not brought back to hospital for treatment.  The Hereford hospital dropped the case after Hannah appealed to health officials, saying she was aware that she could die, yet she would rather be cared for at home.  She also told them that she did not think a heart transplant operation was in her best interests, as discussions with doctors from Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street in London had led her to conclude that even if it worked, it would be only temporary respite, followed up by constant medication.
Hannah’s parents, even though they would rather see her live, support her decision as they do not want to see her suffer anymore.