Anti-Tobacco Video Contest Results Out

Anti-Tobacco Video Contest Results Out

The winners for the "Tobacco — I'm Not Buying It" video contest have been announced late Wednesday, reveals a recent report.

Ayyaz Amjad, a resident of Woodbridge, has won the grand prize worth $1,000 in the age group of 18-25 years. While Dantreal Waiters and the Manatee Youth for Christ SOZO team, from Bradenton, Fla is awarded with the grand prize in the age category 13-17 years.

As per the findings, the contest had been started in March after a data was released by Surgeon General Regina Benjamin on youth tobacco use in two decades.

The contest found the Virginia Commonwealth University student’s video encircling the dangers of smoking as the best. It has been found that the video named "You Don't Smoke Cigarettes, Cigarettes Smoke You" had covered all facts about smoking.

Also, the video completed by the boy in mere two weeks had showed an animation of a robotic cigarette pulling out people of a cigarette package and smoking them.

Another video by Dantreal was also an amazing one, which enclosed the reasons of not buying cigarettes and dangers related to it.