GPs All Set with Better Diagnostic Tools Especially for Olympics

GPs All Set with Better Diagnostic Tools Especially for Olympics

Olympics are approaching in London and so health authorities in the city are trying their best to keep the perfect eye on all the medical issues especially after the influx of visitors for the Olympics.

One such big health concern among the officials is gastrointestinal disease and thus NHS has prepared to introduce some tools in the medical facility's laboratories, which will clear out the exact cause of gastrointestinal disease in just 24 hours. Officials believe that the decision will keep a strict control over the risks of any such outbreak.

GPs in London will soon get the new diagnostic tools in their laboratories to serve the purpose. The installation responsibility has been taken over by the Health Protection Agency. The action forms a big part of the `Games Ready' strategy with an aim to reduce all the existing or non-existing risks of outbreaks of any infection type.

Earlier, a procedure of several days was run to know the results of such tests. But the addition of new diagnostic tools is expected to reduce the processing time for gastrointestinal illnesses to 24 hours by analyzing the DNA of samples rather than growing any cultures.

Officials aim to use the new technology especially during the duration of the Games, but there are also confirmations that a success in these measures can replace the traditional disease detection methods in the near future.