Google, Yahoo to censor searches

Google, Yahoo to censor searchesGoogle and Yahoo have been asked by the Argentinean judges to filter all searches while several landmark cases are decided.

Due to this, if someone in Argentina searches for soccer star Diego Maradona on Yahoo Argentina, he will only get back the news results, and along with it a notification that the search has been filtered.

As of now, Yahoo and Google are busy in a legal fight with plenty of fashion models and other public figures like Maradona, over whether the Internet companies should have to censor search results relating to those persons names.

The internet companies were asked by a group of nearly 70 fashion models, represented by the same lawyer, who demanded to block all search results with their names, since they feared that pornographic sites might be using their pictures.

However, Google replied that only specific problematic links would be blocked, provided it could notify users.

Till now, judges in Argentina have supported the models and other public figures, including Maradona and Judge María Servini de Cubría, has ruled to effectively block search results about them on Google and Yahoo.