Obama's books a big hit among book lovers

Obama's books a big hit among book loversIt's a good time for Barack Obama, whose popularity seems to be rising following his win in the US Presidential race. The very significant proof of this is the rapid rise in the purchase of his books, which are becoming more and more popular among the people.

All the book lovers from Mumbai simply love Obama's books, which have topped the position of their favorite books.

Already the 'Audacity of Hope or Dreams from my Father' are out of stock, and many people have to compromise with just buying a CD.

Crossword Store manager Virat Chandok said, "Every day some customers come for the books and we tell them we don't have it and they get disappointed."

Since 2007, nearly 4,000 copies of Obama's books have been sold in India and by mid-November about 3,000 copies are expected to hit the markets.

By the end of this year, Obama's publishers expect a demand of 5 lakh copies worldwide. At the sites like Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble, these books are already number one sellers.

A book lover confirmed, "Right now he is the president-elect, when he becomes President, I am sure there will be more books in the market."

Back in 2007, Obamas made $4.2 million in book royalties. It seems that they are in for a royalty windfall, if the sales keep rising like this.