Norris is a Free Bird Now; An End to his 15 Years of Facial Horror

Richard Lee Norris

Woo! Its awesome for anyone to feel that following an overall face transplant he can eat from his mouth, taste and smell the food and can make use of all his senses as other people do. On Tuesday, the University of Maryland Medical Center announced the success of a full-face transplant that was done seven months ago on a Virginia man named Richard Lee Norris of Hillsville, Va.

It was in March when the man underwent this 36-hour long transplant. According to the medical staff, it was a highly comprehensive procedure but it is an honor to know that the patient is doing very well now. As told by the doctor in charge of the surgery, the team was aspiring to restore Norris' face "in the most aesthetic manner possible".

During the transplant, his teeth, tongue, skin and both the jaws were transplanted and along with this the underlying nerves and muscle tissues from scalp to neck were also redesigned.

In 1997, Norris was injured in a gun accident due to which his entire face was damaged. Since then he used to hide his face behind a surgical mask. Shopping hours for him were during the nights only when least people were around. But with this transplant his life has taken a reverse twist.