Mazda Motors To Develop Sub-Compact Cars for Toyota at Mexico Plant

Mazda Motors To Develop Sub-Compact Cars for Toyota at Mexico Plant

Recent reports subjected that Mazda Motor Corp has affirmed that it will be developing car models for Toyota Motor Corp. at a plant in Mexico, which is being constructed at present.

Since the past four years, Mazda has been the sole automaker of Japan that has not gained any profit.

In a statement, both the companies stated today that the car models to be manufactured under the Toyota brand will be a sub-compact version that will be based on Mazda2 and their production will initiate in the mid-2015 and each year 50,000 units will be produced.

The companies further asserted that the deal between both of them will help improve the hold of Toyota in North America and at the same time boost the production efficiency at Mazda.

It has been reported that Mazda is sailing off its possessions, moving its production unit out of Japan and also working to enhance the gas mileage on care models, including CX-5 sport utility vehicle and Mazda6 sedan so as to achieve the initial yearly profits in past five years.

The Mexico plant is planned to begin the process of production by the end of March 2014. This will aid Mazda to oppose a strong yen as a result of which the Japanese-manufactured cars make less profit.