2013 North American International Auto Show Opens

2013 North American International Auto Show Opens

The 2013 North American International Auto opens to public on Saturday, Jan 19, at the Cobo Center in Detroit. Stand-out styling, performance and luxury were on display. From a 202 mph Bentley cabriolet to a clutch of new BMWs and Audis, car makers were confident that lower-volume, higher-margin cars would find buyers in the coming year despite the slow global economy and recession in Europe.

Despite the slowdown in Europe, manufacturers are optimistic that rebound in the US market and the still-strong China market will be enough to keep them going.

GM's new Corvette was the most hotly anticipated debut of the show. Cadillac's electric touring coupe the ELR was a fresh bookend to the ATS gas-engined sedan introduced last year, which pulled in the North American Car of the Year award in this year's Detroit show.

Lincoln showed its MKC, a luxury compact sport utility vehicle billed as a concept car that looked not too far from production. Toyota regained the global sales crown lost when the 2011 Japanese tsunami devastated its supplies.

Meanwhile, Honda laid out an aggressive goal of boosting its total sales by 50 percent to six million units in 2016. The Japanese automaker introduced a stylish new `urban SUV' concept car aimed at providing the flexibility, performance and function of a sport utility vehicle in a much smaller package. In short, the show is worth watching!