F-150: A blow to Auto Industry by Ford

F-150: A blow to Auto Industry by Ford

Ford Motors came with a bang and launched the Atlas concept in which a concept truck F-150 was lowered from the ceiling at Joe Louis Arena downtown. This was followed by Ford's Detroit auto show introduction of Transit and Transit Connect commercial vans. The launch was a big surprise for all the giants including rivals General Motors.

The most important product in the U. S. auto industry, F-150 in due in showrooms next year. According to CEO Alan Mulally: "The F-series is the heart and soul of America". Ford was ready for auto show press conference.

"With an introduction this early, even as a concept, Ford risks the F-150 being old hat once it actually comes to market", says Eric Lyman, a vice-president at ALG, expert on forecasting depreciation.

Ford, though, is banking on a different impact. Ford is hoping that by showing the concept F-150, it will stop buyers from purchasing from its rivals, especially the new (Chevrolet) Silverado and (GMC) Sierra that were recently introduced. It will also give competition to Chrysler's Ram 1500

There are various predictions on the production of the trucks. Some say body panels are made of steel and some think of aluminum as the base material. The use of EcoBoost engines is also under discussion which improves fuel economy. To help cut wind resistance, F-150 also has front air dam and Glie and wheel shutters.