Movie 43 Flops, Director Warns Critics to ‘Back Off’

Movie 43 Flops, Director Warns Critics to ‘Back Off’

Director Peter Farrelly is really upset with the reaction that he received to his new movie "Movie 43". He at the weekend, therefore, logged in to Twitter and warned all reviewers to just "lighten up" and `move away'.

He literally left a message for the critics that though, they have found the movie as the worst movie of all time, and they should note that this is not the world's end. He said that the movie was worth $6-million, which was an attempt to do something different.

Critics have dubbed the movie as `the Citizen Kane of awful'. Not only the movie casted A-list stars like Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Halle Berry and Emma Stone, but Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, Richard Gere and Kate Winslet were also there in it. Therefore, it is being said that it could have appeared a reliable box office success.

But, critics were of the view that the series of comedy vignettes was very less than its parts' sum and it held a dire 4% "rotten" rating on the movie review aggregator site.

"Short comedies are readily available for free on websites. Asking people to pay for that sort of content is sort of like pretending the internet doesn't exist", Box office analyst Jeff Bock said.