Water was Present on Mars in Earlier Times: Study

Water was Present on Mars in Earlier Times: Study

As per a new research study conducted by the researchers Lee Saper and Jack Mustard from Brown University, narrow ridges present on planet Mars provides a possibility of existence of water which further increases the possibility of existence of life. The study published in the journal named Geophysical Research Letters, was done using high resolution images taken from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Through these images, the researchers noted the composition of the rocks surrounding the orientation ridges. The rocks surrounding the ridges are found to be rich in iron-magnesium clay, which can only be formed through the presence of water. And these ridges were found around these rocks only.

Saper, one of the scientists in the research team, said, "The association with these hydrated materials suggests there was a water source available. That water would have flowed along the path of least resistance, which in this case would have been these fracture conduits".

The scientist claim the surety of presence of lots of water on mars which is still there in the form of ice in the polar caps or under the surface at mid to high level latitudes. Scientists wonder if the water still flows under the Mars surface and expects a lot of more surprises that can be found on this surface.