Seabirds Getting Washed Up on Bournemouth Beaches

Seabirds Getting Washed Up on Bournemouth Beaches

Wildlife specialists are currently treating six wax-covered seabirds, which were washed up on Bournemouth beaches today.

Yes, reports are confirming that six distressed seabirds covered in a white waxy substance have been found washed up on Bournemouth beaches today, which includes two kittiwakes, one cormorant, two razorbills and one guillemot. The two razorbills were recovered from the sea at Swanage.

All the six birds are being looked after by the wildlife specialists. There are reports that few birds have also been discovered at Christchurch beaches.

Moving further west, at Chesil Cove, sources are confirming rescue of more than 120 birds by the RSPCA as the officials had reports of washing off of the dead seabirds since Thursday.

Regarding the situation, Dorset Wildlife Trust marine conservation officer, Ms. Emma Rance told the Daily Echo, "We've collected a couple of black sacks full of dead birds at Chesil Cove. Sadly, a juvenile puffin was among them. A number of birds have also washed up dead at Kimmeridge Bay."

RSPCA and Environment Agency Officials have collected the samples of the substance for further analysis. Scientists are trying to find out more details about the substance as the birds didn't initially responded well to the usual methods of removing oil.