Diabetes is Seventh Leading Cause of Deaths Worldwide

Diabetes is Seventh Leading Cause of Deaths Worldwide

Experts have named diabetes as the seventh leading cause of death worldwide no matter whether it is Type 1 or Type 2.

But yes, as far as the case of Type 1 diabetes is concerned, the one name that comes to mind is University of Virginia, which has become a major player in making the illness most manageable with the discovery of its artificial pancreas, the credit of which goes to millions in funding that have been received from the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for the cause.

The artificial pancreas discovered by the experts is a small device like a smart phone. During Type 1 Diabetes, the pancreas in the body stop working; this is then replaced with the artificial ones along with a sensor that helps these fake organs in monitoring the patient's blood sugar levels to further confirm the requirement of insulin in the body. 

Few tests and researches are still ongoing over the discovery by the National Director of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

"This starts to take away some of the daily burden so instead of having to live day in and day out, it starts to automate some of that," says Mr. Thom Brobson, National Director of the JDRF.