Preview of Firefox OS by Mozilla at Mobile World Congress

Preview of Firefox OS by Mozilla at Mobile World Congress

On Sunday, during Mobile World Congress, the first commercial build of Firefox OS was previewed by Mozilla. According to the report, a number of operator as well as smartphone rollout plans were also released.

It has been found that the first phones making the use of the OS have all been powered by Qualcomm processors. ZTE, One Touch, LG Electronics and Alcatel would be offering the same from this summer.

The Firefox OS is being believed to be a better replacement for low-end smartphones in the developing markets. The same, as per the findings, has been built around applications, which are written using HTML5.

Mozilla has told that later this year, Huawei Technologies is also to come out with products. The first phone of ZTE would be announced by it on Monday in Barcelona.

It has further been informed that a total of 18 operators over the phone makers have also been lining up behind Firefox. These include Deutsche Telekom, TelefA3nica and Telenor, AmA(c)rica MA3vil, China Unicom, Sprint and Telecom Italia as well as Japan's KDDI.

"What is clear from the Firefox OS demonstration handsets that we have seen was that they are still some way from being market ready, being both slow and buggy", affirmed Ovum.