Nokia Launches Low-Priced Cell Phones at Barcelona

Nokia Launches Low-Priced Cell Phones at Barcelona

Under huge global competition, Nokia has exposed its new low-priced cellphone. It also launched two low-priced flagship Lumia Windows smartphone.

In a process to increase its sales, Nokia has come up with this strategy. With the launch of four phones; Lumia 720, Lumia 520, Nokia 301 and Nokia 105, it expects to lay the foundation for its rank two status. It's is behind Samsung.

Nokia has two rivals, Huawei and ZTE. According to the analysts, "These are less expensive devices, but they will move in much larger volumes".

Mr. Elop, a former Microsoft executive said that with the Lumia 520, Nokia can expect great sales. He said that with this phone, it can hope to take Windows 8 operating system to a higher level. Elop thinks that the good amount of shipment will occur for the phone.

Two years ago, Microsoft and Nokia came together and according to Mr. Elop, the deal has taken finally taken momentum. Last year, Nokia lost its number one position from Samsung. This year, the phones that Nokia launched at Mobile World Congress industry trade show in Barcelona hints that this can bring the low-priced strategy to the forefront.

Francisco Jeronimo, an analyst with IDC in London says that Nokia is hitting the right sector of the market as the growth is expected in future.