Monkeys Repel From Bad People

Monkeys Repel From Bad People

A study conducted by a panel of researchers at the United Kingdom's University of Stirling has revealed that even monkeys can recognize who all are jerks.

The Nature Communications study involved bad behavior by humans in front of monkeys i. e. humans' primate cousins. It is being said that the human concerns with fairness and fairness probably go far back in the ancestry.

Two human actors were asked by the researchers to perform a wordless skit, where seven Capuchin monkeys were present. A pantomime display of either cooperation or non-cooperation was performed, which is often used to examine the way children develop a fairness sense.

One actor begged another actor for help to open a jar for removing a toy for half the time. The other person helped him. In the other half of the time, the pleas for help were ignored by the second actor. Later, food was offered to monkeys by the actors.

It was found that monkeys were not easily accepting food from the person who denied the request for help. This is despite that monkeys are known for being cooperative.

"Monkeys were less likely to accept food from someone who previously refused a request for help from another person. In other words, even hungry monkeys don't like people who act like jerks", said the study.