'Basalog', new once in a day treatment for diabetes

'Basalog', new once in a day treatment for diabetes

Biocon Limited launched a new drug for treatment of diabetes. The new drug known as 'Basalog' can treat patients suffering from both type one and type two diabetes.

Biocon's Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw said that the key advantage of Basalog is that it replaces other insulins that do not act for 24 hours requiring a diabetic to take multiple shots in a day. Basalog could be used just once in a day.

Basalog is effective for 24 hours which decreases the chances of falling of glucose levels at night. It can be taken once in a day this reduces the misery of diabetic patients who have to take several insulin injections in a day.

(via TopNews Asia. Contributed by Kamal Gupta)