Northern Virginia Finally Witnesses Decline in Influenza Cases

Northern Virginia Finally Witnesses Decline in Influenza Cases

The Virginia Department of Health has announced that after witnessing a rough time with regard to influenza cases, they have finally witnessed a decline.

Though the decline has come in Northern Virginia, it is said to be part of the national trend. The Google Flu Trends was of the view that the 2012 saw the maximum cases of flu in history.

Erin Burns, who is the spokesperson for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, was of the view that there is no denying that influenza continues in the US, but a decline has been witnessed.

Dr. Loring Flint, Chief Medical Officer for Chief Medical Officer, said that they have witnessed a decline and with passage of time, influenza cases have been on decline.

Some of the main reasons for the occurrence of influenza are exposure to nasal discharge and coming in contact with throat discharge of an infected person. Some of the other factors are coughing and sneezing.

Dr. Gordon Theisz, a family practitioner, said, "The best things people can do to avoid the flu and colds are to keep their hands clean and to not rub their eyes and nose". Moreover, they should have plenty of fluids.