Researchers Working on Tailor-Made Bioimplants

Researchers Working on Tailor-Made Bioimplants

Glass and plastic-mix implants are now being developed by a group of scientists, which hopefully would hold fractured bones together, dissolving later when these are no longer needed.

The main component in the new implant is a biodegradable polymer. The same slowly disappears when the required space is occupied by the bone.

The effect of bioglass on the thermal degradation of polymers has been measured by the materials engineering department's Jose Ramon Sarasua and Aitor Larranaga from the UPV/EHU-University of the Basque Country.

It is being said that the new implants may help in cutting the count of surgeries that patients having big breaks need to undergo. Also, the latest development would help in making the steel pins, which are usually used so as to hold the bones together following fracture.

As per the findings, metal nails or other components, generally, are employed so that bone breaks could be mended. And after the bone is mended, a second operation is required to extract the components. But, the new materials would probably help avert a second surgery.

"These composites that have a biodegradable polymer base are candidates with a bright future in mending broken bones or in regenerating bone defects", Sarasua was quoted as saying.